Maple Run Apple Orchard

Nothing says healthy like locally produced honey. Our honey is raw to preserve all the goodness the honey bees create. Taste this liquid gold and you will appreciate nature at her finest!

We offer a selection of apples throughout the season:

  • Early season - Zestar!, Chestnut Crabapple
  • Mid season - SweeTango, Sweet Sixteen, Honeycrisp, Kerr Crabapples
  • Late season - Honeygold, Royal Court Cortlands, Snowsweet, Frostbite, Keepsake
  • Plus limited amounts of a few antique varieties, and miscellaneous apples such as Dandee Red, Kindercrisp, Wolf River. 



Bees not only provide honey, they produce beeswax...perfect for long-burning candles or a base for lip balms and hand or foot creams. Try some all-natural beeswax products today!

We bottle our maple syrup in quarts, pints, and 12 oz. jars. Some of the syrup is converted to maple sugar which we use in our own seasoning blends. Try the Maple Sugar-Cinnamon on your morning toast, or a sprinkle Maple Cajun (mild or hot) on your popcorn or your burger. Perfect!